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Having experienced the wonders of novel software for facilitating effective human communication, I also want to help democratize this technology. Counseled by Dr. Yang and many graduate students in Prof. Shankar Sastry’s FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality (, I grew into leadership with my work on OpenARK, Berkeley’s open-sourced AR development kit. By producing code releases, build processes, and user-friendly guides, I contributed greatly to enabling easy usage and reproducibility of OpenARK for all Windows users, with my team currently working on mirroring this for Linux systems too. Collaborating constantly with PhD students, I acquired a stronger understanding of the modern technologies underpinning MR, such as SLAM algorithms, 3D reconstruction, and semantic segmentation. At ISMAR 2019 in Beijing, I co-organized the OpenARK tutorial session and delivered an hour-long presentation on my telepresence projects in the context of our development kit’s core functionalities. I hope to continue conducting accessible projects that empowers fellow projectsers, corporate sponsors, and hobbyists to express themselves creatively, as we unite around the advancement of MR technologies.