Optimization and Manipulation of Contextual Mutual Spaces for Multi-User Virtual and Augmented Reality Interaction

Mohammad Keshavarzi, Allen Y Yang, Woojin Ko, and Luisa Caldas

Generating the best shared space boundary in which multiple users can interact freely for mixed reality telepresence.

Details / Paper (PDF) / IEEE VR ’20

Tutorial: OpenARK – Tackling Augmented Reality Challenges via an Open-Source SDK

Joseph Menke, Woojin Ko, and Allen Y Yang

Berkeley’s open-source augmented reality development kit with a multitude of core functionalities.

Details / Presentation (PDF) / ISMAR ’19

Enhancing VR Experience Through Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) System

Woojin Ko, Revekka Kostoeva, Tina Piracci, Srikar Varanasi

Exploring haptic feedback through electrical muscle stimulation to improve immersive VR experiences.

Details / Poster (PDF) / Presentation (PDF) / Paper (PDF) / Capstone Project for CS 294-137 VR + Immersive Computing

AR-Video Query

James Smith, Woojin Ko, Bjoern Hartmann

An interface for users to make spatio-temporal data queries of their iPhone videos.